Roulette is a game of chance, but that doesn’t prevent the player from applying a gambling strategy to maximize his chances of winning. And what better than martingale to win at roulette?
Martingale roulette is a gambling technique that allows you to maximize your winnings while minimizing the loss of money at roulette. There are more than 10 of them, all with this name. Since they are all different from each other, it is important to study them carefully and apply them by practicing on a free roulette wheel before applying them with real money. That way, you will know their potential and their limits.
In this guide, we present you the different winning martingales in roulette.

The classic martingale

As its name suggests, classic martingale is the most common roulette technique used by players. It is widely known in this field as well. Its other name is the “Hawks martingale”. You can apply it whether you play online or in a brick and mortar casino.

How to win with the classic martingale?

In the classic martingale, the player must bet on a “simple” roulette bet. He places his chips on a colour (black or red), even, odd, miss or pass. In the event of a loss, the player only has to double his previous bet. This way, when he wins, he quickly gets back all the money he has already lost. The problem here is that the amount of the bets multiplies quickly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the classic martingale

The classic martingale has a great advantage for players with a large bankroll (money dedicated to games). Indeed, he cannot give up a game after a loss. He is forced to continue the game until he wins in order to recover his funds and make his games a little more profitable.
However, despite all this, this martingale also has considerable drawbacks. In case of bad luck, the player could lose 10 times in a row. And, if his initial bet was 1 euro, then he would have to bet 1024 euros to get it all back. Let’s hope he wins the 11th time! If not, he will lose very big if his bad luck continues. Impossible also to reconstitute his starting fund as soon as his ceiling is reached given the uncertainty of this martingale.
Each part presents a constant risk of loss, especially because of the number 0 of the house. And it is not always possible to bet a large amount because of the limit at each roulette table.

3 points to remember about the classic martingale:

  • The classic martingale is based on simple odds.
  • The classic martingale is very interesting for players with a large amount of money to play.
  • The classic martingale presents a risk of significant loss in the event of a string of bad luck.

La grande martingale

La Grande martingale is not so complicated, contrary to what its name might imply. It is even a sub-variant of the classic martingale and one of the easiest roulette strategies to follow.

How to win with the Grande martingale?

La Grande martingale bets, in principle, on colour. It plays on the probability that a colour will inevitably end up coming out during the course of the game. If black has just won, for example, this technique suggests that the player should now bet on red. Red will eventually come out whether you like it or not.
All you have to do is play against what you’ve just won. You also have to double your bet for every loss in order to get them back once your luck runs out. Just double the starting bet with one more unit.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Grande martingale

La Grande martingale has the advantage of working mainly for a short-term strategy. The unit added after each loss also makes it possible to make big money in case of gain.
Nevertheless, the drawbacks of Grande martingale are also quite obvious. Above all, there is always the risk of losing everything if you intend to win by doubling your bet after each failure, especially in the case of successive failures. Since there are always betting limits at the roulette table, there comes a point when it becomes impossible to pay back all your losses once you reach that limit. Generally, casinos do not allow you to bet more than 300 times the single bet. In other words, you cannot bet double your losses after losing 8 times in a row.

3 points to remember about the Grande martingale:

  • The Grande martingale consists in betting on the counter-trend.
  • Grande martingale is well suited to a short-term strategy.
  • La Grande martingale presents a risk of never being able to recoup the losses generated.

Piquemouche’s martingale

The Piquemouche martingale is one of the most popular basic martingales among players. These are the very first ones to be learned if you are new to this field.

How to win with Piquemouche’s martingale?

First of all, the player bets the minimum unit or almost the minimum unit for the initial bet. And he comes back to this initial sum in case of a win. On the other hand, when he loses, he simply adds another unit to the next bet until he reaches 3 losses in a row. Then he starts doubling his bets until he wins. This means that the losses are less with this technique, but the wins are just as important.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Piquemouche martingale

The Piquemouche martingale is much more advantageous than the classic martingale. If in the latter, the lost money climbs quickly, this is not the case here. In the Piquemouche martingale, the player is much more careful with his bankroll. Thanks to it, he can stay as long as possible on the roulette table of his choice without fear of losing his entire fund.
However, if in the classic martingale, it takes only one win to recover everything, this is not the case in the Piquemouche martingale. In the latter, you would have to make 2 consecutive wins to pay it all back. And since there is no limit imposed by this strategy in case of loss, the player is forced to continue doubling his bets if his bad luck continues. And again, the limits imposed by the casino at each table do not help in case the player continues to fail after failure.

3 points to remember about Piquemouche’s martingale :

  • Piquemouche’s martingale is a betting strategy based on units.
  • The Piquemouche martingale is relatively less risky than the classic martingale.
  • Piquemouche’s martingale forces you to play longer to be able to recoup any sudden losses.

La martingale d’Alembert

The martingale d’Alembert is considered the easiest to learn of all, so simple is it. This basic martingale is one of the very first that roulette novices learn at the beginning. Its rules are easily assimilated. Read on if you want to master it as an expert player.

How to win with d’Alembert’s martingale?

In Alembert’s martingale, you simply have to reduce your bet by the same number of chips in case of a good prediction. On the other hand, if you lose after making a bad prediction, you must increase your bet by the same number of chips.
In concrete terms, if you started playing with a 1 euro chip. If you win, you just put back 1 euro and keep the surplus. However, if you lose, you play again with 2 euros. If you lose again, you play again with 3 euros and so on until you stop the game.

Advantages and disadvantages of the martingale d’Alembert

With Alembert’s martingale, there is almost no risk in your games. Indeed, you play with the minimum stake or a very low amount. You get your losses refunded with each win and just start over with your initial bet.
This roulette technique is perfect for people on a limited budget. They can play quietly without worrying about burning up their entire bankroll. All they have to do is bet the minimum rate accepted by the casino and the round is played.
Among the disadvantages identified with the martingale d’Alembert is the impossibility to play in a select casino. Since you play in frugal mode, the most prestigious casinos would not suit you. However, you can always overcome this problem by playing online roulette.
We also noted that not all losses are fully recoverable. This is only possible in the case of several victories if there have been many losses. Successes are not very significant also because of restrictions in the amount of bets. It is therefore advisable to limit your games if your budget does not really allow you to lose several times in a row.

3 points to remember about the martingale d’Alembert:

  • Alembert’s martingale pushes the player to bet in small quantities.
  • La martingale d’Alembert is suitable for low budget players.
  • The martingale d’Alembert does not generate significant gains.

Wells’ martingale

The Wells martingale is also known as the “Montante de Wells”. It is indeed a roulette game strategy despite the fact that it is not as popular among players. Beginners may well take advantage of it to limit their losses. This technique is both reliable and easy to implement. Here’s how to do it:

How do you win with Wells’ martingale?

The Montante de Wells is largely based on the scheme of the martingale d’Alembert. Indeed, the player must also increase his bet by one unit (token or coin) after each losing move and conversely in case of a win. However, this martingale requires that you start with 5 units from the beginning. Thus, each time you bet, you automatically win half a unit. For this to be really the case, the player must be able to make winning moves equivalent to his losing moves.
In this martingale, the losses are, nevertheless, not very important. And you always win according to the type of bet you’ve made. Therefore, winnings at 50% stakes are not always accurate. You always come out the winner, so from an accounting point of view.

Advantages and disadvantages of martingale Wells

With Wells’ martingale, the win generated on the first move is immediately considered a profit in case of a win, since the bet in the next game will be lower than the previous one. This is never possible with Alembert’s martingale, even if it is largely based on it.
Risks are also minimized with the Montante de Wells. The player naturally preserves his gaming capital, due to the fact that he is obliged to reduce his bet after each win. And if you choose your bet types carefully, your chance of recouping your losses at the end of the gambling session is very high.
Wells’ martingale makes it possible to limit the harmful consequences of a series of losses, therefore. It even makes it more manageable, because this strategy pays off in the long term. It appeals to your rational side and you avoid compulsive gambling.

3 points to remember about Wells’ martingale:

  • Wells’ martingale applies when starting the game with 5 units.
  • Wells’ martingale limits the loss of money by decreasing the bet with each win.
  • The Wells martingale looks like the Alembert martingale with less risk.

Paroli’s martingale

Paroli’s martingale is not a strategy employed by most roulette players. It requires an extra precaution to be taken. We tell you all about it here:

How to win with Paroli’s martingale?

With Paroli’s martingale, your goal is to win the maximum amount of money while betting the least possible. How is that possible? By reinvesting all your winnings in every game. So you always bet the initial bet with all the units you have accumulated since the beginning of the game. This is the only way to recover everything according to the fervent users of the Paroli martingale.
Basically, if you bet 1 Euro at the beginning and you win at a simple chance, you win the amount of your bet. You reinvest your winnings with the initial bet of 2 euros on the next move. If you continue to win, you now play with 4 euros and so on.
In Paroli’s strategy, it is called “Paroli by 1” when the player doubles his bet after a win. And “Paroli by 2”, when he now plays with 4 times his initial bet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Paroli martingale

With Paroli’s martingale, the goal is to accumulate the winnings always with the aim of winning more. After a game session, the player could leave the table with a large sum of money.
It also has the advantage of being able to play with house money. Don’t forget that your winnings come out of the casino cashier himself. Therefore, you play with his money every time you bet your winnings. The simplicity of this martingale also makes players adopt it from time to time.
All this does not take away the fact that Paroli’s martingale also has its drawbacks. As you can see, with this roulette technique, you risk seeing everything disappear in the event of a single loss. At the same time you lose your initial bet. Since it is impossible to win one win at a time without losing in a game of chance like roulette, you should never rule out losing everything in this game. It is best to keep your initial bet as soon as you win and play only the casino’s own money, i.e. your winnings.

3 points to remember about Paroli’s martingale:

  • Paroli’s martingale is to reinvest his bet and all his winnings to hope to win big.
  • Paroli’s martingale is only applicable when you are lucky.
  • Paroli’s martingale is based on chance alone.

Martin Yung’s martingale

Marting Yung’s martingale was invented by the person of the same name. It follows the martingale of Paroli as the martingale of Wells is used to improve the martingale of Alembert. In addition to allowing to win a lot, the risk that this strategy presents is also quite huge. Here’s how to use it:

How to win with Martin Yung’s martingale?

Martin Yung’s martingale is to continuously decrease the number of units to play as the player loses. On the other hand, in case of 5 successes in a row, he must double his bet. Each time he records 5 wins, therefore, he plays with a doubled bet. If he started with 2 units then he will play with 4 units after 5 winning moves. He stops when he has reached 31 times his bet.
The principle remains the same as with Paroli’s martingale therefore, but with the subtraction of the initial bet at the end.

Advantages and disadvantages of the martingale Martin Yung

With Martin Yung’s martingale, you can win a lot of chips after a single winning move. Proportionally, you also lose big after a losing move as the game progresses.
In addition, since roulette tables always have betting limits, it is not always possible to continue doubling your bets after a certain point in time.

3 points to remember about Martin Yung’s martingale:

  • Martin Yung’s martingale is largely inspired by Paroli’s martingale.
  • Martin Yung’s martingale allows you to win a lot.
  • Martin Yung’s martingale presents a very high risk of loss when luck turns.

Whittacker’s martingale

Wittacker’s martingale is on the rise. Its main objective is to slow down the pace of bet progression, something that often happens too quickly with other martingales. Find out what this is all about below!

How to win with Whittacker’s martingale?

Wittacker’s martingale is slower than the classic martingale, because it allows you to pay back 2 losses with each win. In contrast to the classic martingale, only the last two losses are considered here, not all of them. In its classic version, each series of losses therefore looks like 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on. There is also a more daring version where the last 3 losses are taken into account. The game cycle stops when the player gets a positive total.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Whittacker martingale

Wittacker’s martingale is much more suitable for people who don’t like and don’t necessarily master mathematical calculations. It is indeed very easy to use. All you have to do is add the bets of the 2 previous losses to each new game following a losing move. So if you bet 1 at the beginning and you lose, you bet 2 afterwards. Then, if you lose again, you bet the total of 1 and 2, i.e. 3. If you continue to lose again, you bet 2 3 = 5. If by bad luck you lose again afterwards, you bet 3 5 = 8. You now know how to do this until you finish your game cycle. In addition, you will have some leeway in case of serial losses.
In spite of the considerable advantage that this amount has, we can also see immediately that it would be necessary to generate 2 gains in a row to be able to recover everything. The risk of coming out of the losing roulette table therefore remains. Moreover, it often works only after you have rolled the same single chance (the same suit, for example) three times in a row. However, this case is quite rare.

3 points to remember about Whittacker’s martingale:

  • Wittacker’s martingale allows you to control your bankroll.
  • Wittacker’s martingale is based on a simple mathematical formula: bet the sum of the last 2 losses.
  • With Wittacker’s martingale, two previous losses are automatically erased after a victory move.

The Belgian martingale

The Belgian martingale is one of the martingales relying mainly on simple chances. It is recommended for beginners or those who are afraid of losing big at roulette. Everything about it is explained below:

How to win with the Belgian martingale?

The Belgian martingale is also on the rise. In other words, following his concept, the player must increase the unit bet at each move. He adds another unit each time, to be clearer. So if he starts his game cycle with 1 chip, he continues with 2, then 3, after 4, etc. until he wins.
The Belgian martingale combines the strength of other roulette strategies. This means that after a win, the player can switch to Paroli’s martingale. The player plays again using the winning bet and the winnings he has generated.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Belgian martingale

The Belgian martingale really does minimize losses during a series of bad luck. Indeed, the unit added after each loss does not quickly decrease the amount of your game budget. And the player recovers all his losses as soon as he manages to accumulate 2 wins in a row.
However, since roulette tables always have betting limits, it is never possible to continue adding a unit in the event of an endless series of losses. When you reach the betting limit, you can no longer recover all of your losses in one win.
And you have to stick to the same kind of bet with this martingale. So if you bet on red, then you have to keep betting on that. That color would come out at some point.

3 points to remember about the Belgian martingale:

  • The Belgian martingale limits losses by adding just one unit to the bet after each losing move.
  • Paroli’s martingale takes place at the Belgian martingale as soon as there is a win to try and win big.
  • The Belgian martingale does not fear series of bad luck except when the player jumps from one type of bet to another.

The Dutch martingale

If you want to become a roulette pro, it’s always a good idea to diversify your game strategies. That’s why we want to introduce you to Dutch martingale. Although its principle is much more complex than what we have just explained above, it does allow you to win under certain circumstances. The following point :

How to win with the Dutch martingale?

The Dutch martingale resembles the Belgian martingale in its betting strategy. In fact, it is sufficient to increase your bet by one unit each time you lose. In case you opened your games with 1 euro then you bet with 2 euros afterwards. And if you lose 4 times in a row, you bet now with 4 euros. If you win after this 4th move, you keep 1 euro and start playing again with the remaining 3 euros. Then, if you win, you will automatically make a profit.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Dutch martingale

The Dutch martingale is therefore an excellent way to make your games profitable. As soon as you win, you immediately recover your losses. But when you continue the game, you are both playing with casino money and hoping to take home more money than you took home.
The disadvantage of this martingale is the extra effort of concentration it requires. It is not intended for impatient people or those who do not have the time to wait. In general, one would have to wait 1 hour to see a gain and recoup one’s losses. Like most roulette martingales, therefore, it requires good mental toughness.

3 points to remember about the Dutch martingale :

  • The Dutch martingale aims to add 1 chip to the bet after each loss.
  • The Dutch martingale is suitable for everyone, from the big names to those on a small budget.
  • The Dutch martingale requires time and a lot of concentration.

La martingale Cyclique

Cyclic martingale is a method of roulette based on the notion of the cycle. The losses incurred by the parties are erased per cycle. Here is how to achieve this:

How to win with the Cyclique martingale?

The cyclic martingale resembles the martingale of Alembert. The only difference is that it works with a 3-step system. It therefore has a short cycle allowing the player to make up his losses as quickly as possible.
For example, if the player starts the game with a bet of 5 euros betting on red and the result of the game falls on black, he loses 5 euros. If he continues to bet on red and the red comes out afterwards with a bet of 1 euro, he wins 1 euro and only has a deficit of 4 euro in his bankroll. If he wins 3 more bets with the same bet, he would have recovered 3 euros. He now makes a 3 euro bet, as the previous round has already ended. He keeps the same previous single chance and continues betting on it. He plays again with this 3 euros and if he wins, he wins 3 euros, meaning that he has already made a positive balance (6 euros in total).

Advantages and disadvantages of the Cyclic martingale

Cyclical martingale is based on a cycle, a notion that you must master if you want to make it profitable. It uses a 3-part loss cycle. This cycle of 3 levels is very interesting for all players who want to play fast and make money on their bets. By following this logic, it is impossible to reach the betting limits of the game tables by limiting yourself to a series of only 3 losses each time.
With this type of martingale, you can never be sure that you will be able to recover everything at the end of a cycle. In the event of proven bad luck, the player could end up with one loss after another and never see his money back.

3 points to remember about the martingale of Cyclique :

  • The cyclic martingale is based on a cycle of 3 losses.
  • The cyclic martingale keeps the player away from the betting ceiling of his gaming table.
  • The cyclical martingale makes losses irrecoverable in the case of series of more than 3 consecutive losses.

The sawtooth martingale

If all the rising strategies we have just presented are not enough, there is still the Sawtooth martingale. Just like most rising martingales, you will need it in case you go from loss to loss. Here it is in detail:

How to win with the sawtooth martingale?

The sawtooth martingale is scary if you refer to its name. However, it is very easy to understand, just like the other martingales in its category. In fact, it all starts with a bet of 10 units, coins or tokens. Afterwards, you remove 1 unit, coin or token after each loss. You continue your game of roulette with 9 units so after the 1st failure and so on until you win or reach 0. Each bet is made on a simple chance as well. If you win, you have to add 1 unit to the previous bet. The betting cycle stops when the player has been able to make up for all these losses.

Advantages and disadvantages of sawtooth martingale

Despite its name, the sawtooth martingale is very easy to use. All you have to do is bet 10 chips on a single chance and remove 1 chip per bet after each loss. With this strategy, the player can last a very long time on a roulette table without ever risking losing everything.
The one and only disadvantage of the Sawtooth martingale is the inability of the player to make much money with his bets. He will not be able to bet more than 10 units at a time, unless he wins on the first move. In addition, he limits his bet to 10 pieces on a single chance, a chance that only pays 100% of the wager if he wins.

3 points to remember on the sawtooth martingale :

  • The Sawtooth Martingale caps the bet for each round of play at only 10 chips.
  • The sawtooth martingale is a martingale based on rationality.
  • The sawtooth martingale still requires a good starting capital.

The American martingale

When the player is in a deficit situation in his roulette finances, the American martingale makes it possible to catch up. It allows you to recoup your losses before you lose everything, which can happen if you use a simple classic martingale. Find out right away how to do it!

How to win with the American martingale?

The American martingale is one of the roulette methods that allows you to erase 2 losses in a row when you have a winning move. To do this, simply bet twice the initial bet after 2 losses. You will have understood it: this does not make it possible to erase all the consecutive failures recorded if there were more than 2, which is often the case. In addition, you have to know how to stop as soon as your balance becomes positive again.

Advantages and disadvantages of American martingale

So the American martingale is another rise. Its particularity is its ease of implementation. Indeed, when the number of your failures is an even number, it is enough to bet an even number too (the number of bets x the amount of the initial bet). This also preserves to quickly reach the betting ceiling. Thus, the player can both recoup his losses and make his investments profitable at the same time.
The bad news is that American martingale requires a memory like an elephant. Not only do you need to be able to remember your loss history, but also the history of your bets. Ideally, you should be able to use a piece of paper and a pencil in this case.

3 points to remember about the American martingale:

  • The American martingale quickly restores your bankroll to a deficit situation.
  • The American martingale requires a good memory.
  • The American martingale must be limited to avoid reaching the roulette table ceilings.

The Gut Method

The martingale roulette technique of GUT or Great Universal Theory is a method used by online roulette players. Discovered by the administrator of a forum dedicated to roulette, it applies only online. But it has not yet been really proven by scientific means. What matters most is the winnings, right?

How to win with the GUT method?

Although the Great Universal Theory technique is difficult to understand at first, many players have already managed to generate winnings by using it. The idea is to gradually bet on the undrawn numbers to place the player on a certain spread. This will reduce the gap between the numbers not yet drawn and those that have already won. The bettor will start betting once the gap between drawn and unpicked numbers is 1.
To begin with, only one number will be drawn at random and thirty-six others will not be drawn in the first round. In the second round, two numbers will be drawn and thirty-five will not come out. And so on, in the third round, thirty-four numbers do not come out and three are drawn. The player must continue until the drawn numbers reach eighteen against nineteen undrawn. At this point he can place his bet and start collecting the money.

Advantages and disadvantages of the GUT method

The GUT method reduces irrational and disproportionate risks. And it is also a very economical technique. It has nothing to do with traditional methods. Above all, it makes an accounting difference. This is possible since the player will wait until the difference between drawn and un-drawn numbers is 1.
However, since it has not been established by a real scientist and has not been proven, no one knows its real effectiveness. And the waiting time for the gap of one is a bit long. Therefore, bettors who use the method must have a lot of patience. And it must be said that this method is not always easy to understand.

3 points to remember about the GUT method:

  • GUT’s method is neither a real martingale nor a rising one.
  • The GUT method requires a lot of patience on the part of the player.
  • The GUT method has not yet been validated by scientists.

The extended martingale

Here’s another rise for those who love to use them! Better known as “extended martingale”, this roulette technique consists in mitigating the risks presented by the usual martingales. We all know that the latter allow you to lose a rather large amount of money because of your period. With the extended martingale, it becomes possible to recover your financial losses, but also to make your game balance positive.

How to win with the extended martingale?

Like the traditional martingale, the extended martingale sits on simple odds. In the event of successive losses, it can help you fill the hole in your gambling budget. And it does not exclude the use in parallel with other amounts in order to optimize the results obtained.
Keep in mind, however, that the extended martingale is mainly used to make up for the losses caused by the previous games. Its use does not necessarily result in a positive balance.
To be clear, in the extended martingale, the player starts betting on a rather complex type of bet, the square for example. In case of victory, he will win 8 times his bet, so. He should repeat this bet 8 times in a row in case of a losing streak so that he can win it all back as soon as he wins. If he continues to lose after the 8 consecutive bets, he should double his bet and continue on his bet 8 more times in a row until he wins.

Advantages and disadvantages of prolonged martingale

The extended martingale has significant advantages over conventional martingales. Above all, it really allows to limit losses by doubling the bet only after a series of failures corresponding to the amount of the win once the player gets a winning move. With it, losses are recovered from the first win.
The disadvantage of the extended martingale is that it requires a fairly large gaming budget, all the same. In addition, the risk of losses is very high, almost 75% in each game. In addition, you have to be psychologically strong to be able to wait for your luck to change after several rounds of chess. And the player is forced to leave the table as soon as he wins sometimes to avoid leaving with 0 pennies in his pocket if his bad luck continues.

3 points to remember on the extended martingale :

  • Prolonged martingale allows you to make up for your failures during a roulette session.
  • The prolonged martingale is used with other rising martingales to give her every chance.
  • The extended martingale makes it possible to recover everything in a single successful stroke.

The Andrucci Method

The Andrucci method is considered both a gambling strategy and a roulette cheating technique. However, no matter how the casino views it, it is still effective in maximizing winnings. We will explain it to you in detail right away:

How to win with Andrucci’s method?

Here is another roulette technique based on the Chaos theory! The Andrucci method is the exact opposite of the martingale of Hawks and Alembert. It may seem strange to you at first glance, so if you are already used to using one of these martingales.
In truth, in the Andrucci method, you shouldn’t bet according to the figures that have already been released. It is necessary here to play against intuition, against the trend.
To apply this concept, the last 20 winning numbers announced by the dealer must be taken into account. It is very easy to consult them during a game in an online casino. On the other hand, it is essential to take note of them if you play in a brick and mortar casino.
The Andrucci method is a bit contradictory when you realise that it also supports the idea that a number that comes up often could still come up from the 10th round. However, it prevents betting on such numbers in the beginning.

Advantages and disadvantages of Andrucci’s method

The Andrucci method is adapted to a short-term gaming strategy, ideal for a session of a few hours. Basically, all you have to do is choose 2 or 3 numbers that haven’t come up in the last 20 games to hope to bring back the jackpot. And since it’s not a simple chance here, but a real prediction on a single number, the player will win 35 times his bet if he wins.
Among its disadvantages, however, is the fact that the Andrucci method is not intended for players who expect to spend more than a few hours at a roulette table. It is not a viable long-term strategy.

3 points to remember about Andrucci’s method:

  • Indicated for simple amateurs who don’t really think about playing roulette in the long term.
  • Allows you to win a lot of money because it encourages you to bet on a single number.
  • Really has nothing to do with Alembert’s martingale and Hawks’ martingale.

You think you’ve assimilated all these martingales and methods well. To be sure and certain, go to an online or land roulette table to test your knowledge. Online roulette will be better in order to avoid losses at the beginning by playing only free titles. Above all, have fun!