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Certainly, the casino always has an extra chance in every game it offers. However, this does not prevent the players from thwarting the system to put luck on their side by using a variety of strategies and techniques. This is also true for roulette where many players use the “roulette technique” to maximize their winnings. We’ll tell you all about it in this guide.

Roulette Technique: Methods to win at Roulette

Many people think that roulette is simply a game of chance. However, taking advantage of a roulette technique helps players maximize their winnings. Some mathematical logic is applied in order to win against the house. At the same time, if you don’t believe in it, you probably won’t be here looking for a roulette winning strategy.

Several dozen tips

On the web, many Internet users are looking for the expression: “roulette technique”. If you’ve done it too, you should know that this is not the name the experts give to the strategies in this game. Instead, it’s called “martingale”.
Martingale does not refer to a single technique strictly speaking. Despite the popularity of the term, there are several. Therefore, you should rather use the plural form of the word and not its singular form. Each of them is unique, having its own specificities and offering its own advantages, but also its own disadvantages.
If you are eager to learn more about how to play roulette better, we detail everything about martingales in the rest of this guide.

Learn to master them all

If you’re wondering “how do I win at roulette”, you should know that there’s no ultimate technique for doing so. There are several techniques that you should make your own in order to get the best odds on your side.
Once you know all the strengths and weaknesses of each of these martingales, you can choose the one that suits you best. The other option would be to juggle between a few of them to vary your strategies. You will also know how to recover your losses in case of consecutive bad luck and what to do as soon as you win.

Let’s start now by answering a question that everyone is asking.

Casino roulette technique: works on all variants ?

When we know that there are several variants of roulette, we wonder if a technique applicable in one would also be transposable to the other. Would an effective strategy in American roulette also work in French roulette? The answer is: “Yes, of course.
No matter which variant of roulette you prefer, the martingales remain the same and they apply everywhere. So even though the odds are considerably reduced in American Roulette, you can still maximize your winnings there.
The type of roulette you play has nothing to do with the strategy you use. It is mainly about the bets, the type of bet and the amount played. And it is based on mathematically proven logic in general.

Labouchère method, a popular tip

Who doesn’t know the Labouchère method in land and online roulette? If this is not your case, it means that you are a great beginner in this casino game. Created by Henry Du Pré Labouchère, this technique has been making people happy several times for years now. Keep in mind, however, that you can’t apply it with in the so-called “outside” bets, where winning makes you win 1 x bet.

How to win thanks to the Labouchère method?

The simplicity of this strategy is the reason why the Labouchère method often appears at the top of the list in this kind of guide. You just need to get organized to put it into practice. Basically, you apply it as follows:

  • Write down a sequence of numbers from the mat on a piece of paper or notepad.
  • Add the first and last numbers of your sequence and bet on the result of this addition.
  • Strike these numbers from your series if you win.
  • However, put the number played at the end of this list in case of loss.
  • You stop at the end of the betting cycle, when all the numbers on your piece of paper have been crossed out.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Labouchère method is a method that works, but it would take a bit of practice at the beginning. Its main advantage is that you can generate a real gain even after a very short cycle. You can see a real gain after only 6 bets, for example. In addition, it has been verified that sequences with the numbers 1, 2 and/or 3 often make the most profit.
The Labouchère method is not without its drawbacks, all the same. First of all, remember that this strategy forces you to use absolutely a means to write down, usually pen and paper or (online) word processing software. However, you don’t always have a pen and paper when you go out on casino night. And it is not always easy to switch from word processing software and the casino application when you play on mobile.

Things to remember

If you only need to remember 3 points that the Labouchère method, here they are:

  • The Labouchère Method generates profits quickly thanks to its cancellation system.
  • You need something to write down in the Labouchère Method.
  • It is not always accepted in brick and mortar casinos, where it is often forbidden to take notes.

5-tower system: Aggressive probability

The 5 Spin System is one of the aggressive roulette strategies. It is a progressive type of roulette strategy based on probability. The problem with this type of method is the high risks it presents, despite the enormous payoff it promises at the same time. However, this is not really the case with the 5 Spin System where the risk is still mixed.

How to win with the Five-Round System?

If you want to win at roulette using the 5 Spin System, simply bet on 5 numbers at a time, hence the name. A game cycle also ends after 5 bets in a row. And if at the end of these bets you have not won anything, add one more unit to your numbers. On the other hand, in case you win a game, remove one unit from those 5.
That’s not all, because this game strategy implies that you only bet on “sleeping numbers” as well. That’s the term for numbers that haven’t been drawn for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage with the 5-tower system is the simplicity of its concept. Thus, despite the fact that it is part of a progressive technique, it is still not as aggressive as it seems.
It still requires a great deal of emotional commitment on the part of the player. Indeed, impulsive players easily lose their patience with this roulette technique. Few people can bear to lose 5 games in a row, in general.
On top of that, not everyone has the sense of observation required by this strategy. Indeed, with it, you need to spend time observing the winning numbers at the table before listing the 5 numbers that have not yet won and betting on them. However, you don’t necessarily want to sit around and do nothing when you go out in a casino.
This strategy is very strong, but it requires good practice before it can be fully exploited.

Essential things to remember

Anyway, here, you have to remember that:

  • The 5-Round System allows you to recover losses generated during a 5-round game cycle as soon as you win.
  • The 5-Tower System presents the fewest possible risks among the progressive systems that exist.
  • With it, the 5-Tower System requires patience, a great sense of observation and experience.

The Hire Theorem

If in most roulette martingales, it is mathematics that prevails. This is not the case with the Theorem of Hire. This one was revealed to the general public thanks to the Treaties of Roulette in the 18th century. And it is rather based on physics, explaining the movement of the ball. Challenging the randomness of the game, it is still possible to take advantage of the Theorem of Hire to win at roulette, especially land or live.

How to use the Theorem of The Hire?

Thanks to the Theorem of Hire, we know that the movement of the ball on the cylinder responds to the same laws of physics relating to the elliptical movement of the planets. Elementary calculations therefore allow us to know the momentum of the ball on the wheel.
Here, therefore, you must use the formula that says: “any stationary point on a circle A of radius R would describe a circle A′ of radius 2R”. In our context, we therefore associate the wheel with an ellipse.
To be clearer, this suggests that the movement of the ball on the cylinder depends largely on the throwing motion of the dealer. By taking into account the starting point of the ball and the dealer’s throwing angle, you will therefore be able to determine in advance where the ball will stop using trigonometry and geometry.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of implementing the Hire Theorem in roulette is that it is based on a non-random logic. This strategy directly influences the number to be played and no longer simply the bets. Scientists would love, among other things, to use mathematics and physics in the evening. It’s a way to boost your self-confidence in the evening if you’re right.
On the other hand, it is not easy to transpose the rules of a rectilinear movement to the circular movement that the roulette wheel makes. Moreover, since only the dealer is allowed to touch these elements (the ball and the wheel), the success rate of this roulette technique is very minimal.

Essential things to remember

In the Theorem of Hire, what you have to keep in mind is this:

  • It is a principle of applying the elliptical movement to the circular movement of the wheel and ball.
  • It allows you to know in advance where the ball might fall. If you win, you will receive 35 times your bet.
  • Since the player cannot touch or otherwise influence the ball, this strategy is very unlikely.

The Bold Game Theorem

The Bold Game Theorem is a moral precept above all else. It is based on the law of Dubins and Savage decreed in 1956. It allows to apprehend the game of roulette in a different way, by encouraging the player not to focus on the roulette table itself. Dubins and Savage are, in fact, mathematicians and they encourage players to consider roulette as a game of probability. The latter are not in favor of the players, certainly, this theorem could change that.

How to use the Bold Thursday Theorem?

In the Bold Game Theorem, we accept the concept that the chances of losing are reduced according to the number of games played. Basically, the less you play, the less you lose. And the more the player plays roulette, the more convinced he becomes that he will lose money again.
So, in order to be able to win money at roulette, you have to play it in the way that will lead you the most towards your goal, according to this theorem. For example, if a player with €100 wants to win €1,000 at roulette, he has to bet his entire savings in each game. In this way, he will quickly reach the desired amount.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Bold Game Theorem seems very simplistic and responds to a very obvious logic. Indeed, if you have to win as quickly as possible while playing as little as possible, you just have to bet the maximum at each game and leave the table as soon as the objective is reached. From this concept were born so many other efficient martingales that players apply everywhere.
The less time a player spends on the table, the greater his chances of winning. Therefore, it is enough to greatly reduce his playing time to hope to win.
He questions most martingales, as most of them all push to bet small to win. The technique just states that one should never linger on a table to avoid bad luck at roulette.
However, if you bet big, you lose big. This is the main disadvantage of this playing technique. In the event of a loss, the player loses a large amount of money. Moreover, the Bold Game Theorem does not limit the time of the game itself, the amount to be played or anything at all. It is not as clear as it seems.

Essential things to remember

In the Bold Game Theorem, know this:

  • It’s a question of pure logic: the less you play, the more you win.
  • It focuses on the length of the game and not on the money to bet or the type of bet you want to make in your games.
  • He encourages you to set your roulette goal at each session and do everything possible to reach it.

Marigny’s Theory

In Marigny’s Theory, the numbers are thought to depend on each other. As soon as they are used together, as in roulette, each number is no longer free, compared to when it is used alone. At the same time, they possess probabilities previously defined by natural laws. This theory comes from Henri-Bernard Marigny de Grilleau. Its implementation requires the use of what is called “a personal notebook”. This document contains the history of the games, i.e. the past and present games, and asks about the future. It is also based on the notion of the gap. Mathematicians say it so well: “The gap is the rule, the balance the exception.

How to use Marigny’s Theory?

Marigny de Grilleau questions principles accepted by many of us. For example, for him, there is not a 50% chance that a coin will fall on the heads or tails when it is thrown. He believes that the more an action is repeated, the less chance there is of inferring a strong and perfect balance.
Marigny’s Theory of Roulette therefore states that only the player counts, his experience and experience of the game above all. In a land-based casino or a live casino, this Theory leads to the exploration of the gaming room from one table to another. According to her, too, one should always surf the trend. Since Marigny’s Theory considers that the gap is always narrowed both in its own violence and time, it cannot be predicted.

Advantages and disadvantages

Above all, Marigny’s Theory is very interesting in the case where a trend is defined during a game of roulette. You just have to bet on it and your chances of winning increase.
On the other hand, this roulette game strategy is not at all for non “mathletes”. Indeed, you have to calculate the spread to get there, by subtracting the square root of the total of the bundles from the sum of the figures. In fact, the grouping of figures consists of adding the figures at the roulette wheel, such as the Manque/Passe, the Black/Red or the Even/Odd. Experts call them “double single odds”.

Essential things to remember

To sum up Marigny’s Theory is:

  • A purely mathematical roulette technique involving the personal notebook and the calculation of variances.
  • A strategy based on the player’s experience and which denies most of the most well-known and accepted probabilities.
  • A roulette trick applicable both online and in a brick and mortar casino.

Chaos Theory

The Chaos Theory stirred up the scientific world in the 1960s and made the front page of several renowned newspapers and magazines at that time. Despite its dazzling popularity, it has since been somewhat forgotten. However, it is currently resurfacing in a field where no one thought it would be found again: the field of casino games, especially roulette. But how is this possible?

How to use Chaos Theory?

In Chaos Theory, it is estimated that the ball has 2 phases of activity in the game of roulette. In its first phase of activity, it spins on itself before moving through the different squares of the cylinder. And in its 2nd phase of movement, it jumps from time to time as it passes over the notches of the wheel. And for these two reasons, it is impossible to predict where it will land once the wheel stops.
Nevertheless, Chaos Theory allows us to know the moment when the ball will stop moving. To do this, nothing complicated! A simple mobile phone is enough to do it. Don’t forget to pay attention to the casino security agents if you want to use this method.
In fact, Chaos Theory is based on the fact that everything that is unpredictable can be defined and predicted.

Advantages and disadvantages

Chaos Theory is not very common among players. The reason for this is that only one person really knows how to apply it in roulette. His name is Doyne Farmer. For the record, Doyne Farmer was able to amass a small fortune with this theory in the 1970s.
At the time, Las Vegas casinos were still one of the biggest gambling attractions for adult Americans. So Farmer used his cell phone to thwart the system and win at the roulette tables on a continuous basis.
Unfortunately, he never revealed how he could win at roulette with this theory. He did not want his find to fall into the wrong hands and allow thugs to perpetrate criminal acts.
Furthermore, it is no longer possible to rig the game with a mobile device or anything else at the moment. Casinos now have cameras and guards posted all over the place. In addition to these surveillance systems, the dealers are also trained to recognize this type of behaviour now.
This does not prevent you from using Chaos Theory at home, if you master it, by playing online roulette.

Essential things to remember

  • Chaos Theory could be used as a roulette strategy.
  • This theory is no longer allowed in land-based casinos.
  • You can continue to use it in an online casino, because no one can see what you are doing in front of your screen.

Choosing the best site to play online roulette

It’s time for you to choose the online casino where you’re going to play roulette as soon as you’ve chosen your favorite playing technique. Don’t worry! We are not going to let you get lost among the plethora of sites that the Internet currently offers.
Positioning ourselves as your reference in terms of online roulette casinos, we are here to further guide you in your quest for entertainment and winnings. Continue to guide you through our reviews. We have taken the time to analyze each potential casino in our reviews.
So we took the trouble to search for the casinos offering the best roulette games on the web. Thanks to us, you will know which publishers provide each casino, which roulette variants are featured and what the quality of their titles is.
In our casino reviews you will find out who offers the best benefits in terms of bonuses and promotions of all kinds. Apart from the games, let’s not forget that bonuses are one of the main assets of online casinos. These online gambling establishments regularly offer promotions, which you can enjoy, again thanks to our tips.
Roulette is not the only game in online casinos. We know that and you know it very well too. That’s why we never forget to mention the other categories of games listed in each casino.
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